About Us

Beginning 5 years ago with just a few members on Facebook, BGOOA has grown into a POWERHOUSE with more than 30K active members from all over the United States. That number continues to grow each day! While Facebook served as a good starting point for us to unite Black gun owners from around the country, it is time for us to break the “handcuffs” of Facebook’s restrictions and transition our MOVEMENT to our own platform so that we may better serve our loyal and active members.
Welcome to the all-new Black Gun Owners of America’s Online Community!
Whether you are participating in group discussions, posting pictures of your favorite firearms, ammo and setups, organizing state-specific group events in your area, and a whole lot more..BGOOA’s Online Community will provide everything you need for your 2A LIFESTYLE!
More news, announcements, apparel and website features will be announced in the coming weeks, so please stay tuned. In the meantime, let’s lock and load.
http://www.BGOOA.com WE OUT HERE