Black Gun Owners Of America©  Was/Is the biggest Black 2A Group on ANY social media platform. As our members grew and knowledge spread, the more they would TRY and silence us until we were banned on all Platforms. So now we must create our own app and a safe place. For US by US.

When the BGOOA App™ is complete: #1 We won’t need Facebook. #2 We’ll be able to post our pics and talk amongst ourselves without fear of FB jail.  #3 Spread 2A Awareness throughout OUR whole community. #4 Hypersensitive VR Training from the comfort of your own home. The BIGGEST goal is for it to be a 1 stop for EVERYTHING BLACK OWNED. Mainly 2A, but there will be a place for All BLACK BUSINESS, big or small. We will continue adding everyone’s websites, stores, links and business. It’s about building our own communities up, being self-sustaining and DANGEROUS at the same time.